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Giving to Hillel Academy

Hillel Academy was founded and continues to be partially sustained by the generosity of our donors and the support of our community. Your gift builds on this legacy of giving - ensuring a greater future for the school we love.

Your gift supports the highest standards of academic excellence, cutting edge technology, the fostering of Jewish culture, and the building of a diverse and caring community. Donor support ensures that every Hillel child flourishes as a confident student, a compassionate community member, and as an ethical citizen.

There are a variety of ways for you to support Hillel Academy. The Hillel Fund, Hillel Academy’s annual fund, is a critical component of Hillel giving. Families and individuals committed to the importance of Jewish day school education in a community often consider legacy giving by participating in our Life & Legacy endowment programs.

Supporting Hillel is easy. To donate online, please click the “Donate” buttons below. If you would like to discuss your donation with our Director of Advancement, please contact Julie Begani at or call 813-963-2242. Each and every donor is thanked appropriately and is provided a letter with their gift amount for tax purposes.

Donate to the Hillel Fund

Purchase Tickets & Sponsorships to the Gala

Donate to the Early Learning Center Capital Campaign

Donate to the Gym & Event Center Capital Campaign

Ways to Give

Annual Fund (aka Hillel Fund)

Every non-profit organization, like Hillel Academy, depends on its community, near and far, to ensure its mission continues into perpetuity. As such, every non-profit organizes an Annual Fund with the goal of closing the gap between income (tuition, fees, grants, allocations, etc…) and expenses. Our Annual Fund is called the Hillel Fund and any donation made to the school during any given year that does not fall into one of the categories listed below is considered a donation to the Hillel Fund.

Every fiscal year, the Hillel Academy Board of Trustees sets a goal for the Hillel Fund and throughout the school year there are a variety of activities and events taking place to entice community members to participate by giving a financial gift to the school which is an important method of showing appreciation for Hillel Academy. Annually, the Board of Trustees kickstarts giving toward the Hillel Fund by ensuring 100% of the members give a meaningful gift.

Then, anyone connected to Hillel Academy in any way is asked to give a gift meaningful to him/her/them. For some, $18 (“chai,” “life”) or any multiple of it is meaningful. For others, the ability to give tens of thousands of dollars is what brings them joy to ensure the continued strength of Hillel Academy. For us, we are grateful for each and every donation, no matter its size, because it means you believe in the importance of accredited Jewish day school education continuing in the Tampa Bay area.

Donate to the Hillel Fund

Annual Gala

The proceeds from the annual gala/auction/celebration support the Hillel Fund. While this event is a fundraiser, more importantly, it is an annual celebration of Hillel Academy and our community comes together to bid, dance, drink, and of course, eat (Hillel IS a Jewish organization… there is always food!). The Gala typically takes place in March.

Purchase Tickets & Sponsorships to the Gala

Capital Giving

Capital Gifts can be unrestricted or designated by the donor for use in support of specific programs, initiatives, or building/renovation projects. Capital giving donations tend to be a single large payout or payable over a number of years and provide the donor with the opportunity to name something with a plaque in their name or in memory of honor of another.

Current Capital Giving Opportunity

Hillel Academy raised $2.9 million of $3.0 million for the construction of a brand new 6500 sq. ft. and 10,000 sq. ft. Early Learning Center and playground to begin and set the foundation for Jewish education as early as 1-year-old. While this building is now open, we continue to raise capital funds to support its construction. Click on the naming opportunities button below and contact our Director of Advancement, Julie Begani, or 813-963-2242 to discuss your gift.

Donate to the Early Learning Center Capital Campaign

Hillel Academy is embarking upon a $3.0 million campaign for the construction of a 6,000 sq. ft. indoor gym and event space to enrich the appeal of our campus and expand program offerings, such as summer camp, as another method to ensure the long term sustainability of Hillel Academy. While this building is now open, we continue to raise capital funds to support its construction.

Donate to the Gym & Event Center Capital Campaign

Life & Legacy and Endowment

Some annual donors wish to give more to Hillel Academy and current financial circumstances prevent doing so. Instead, in addition to their annual fund gift, they set aside portions of their estates in their wills as gifts to Hillel Academy. This one small act is a powerful message of legacy and the importance of this school being present in this community for tomorrow’s children. These very special givers are memorialized into perpetuity on the walls of Hillel Academy.

Hillel Academy is honored to partner with the TOP Jewish Foundation to participate in the Life and Legacy initiative, which is led by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

For more information about how you can bequeath to Hillel Academy, please contact our Director of Advancement Julie Begani, or 813-963-2242.