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K-8 Technology

Technology at Hillel Academy

Preparing students for the technological world in which they live is of extraordinary importance at Hillel Academy. Students use laptops and iPads sparingly in primary school and increase their use as they matriculate. iPads in particular are tactile and intuitive and young children are easily motivated by them. However, we do not support much time in front of screens at this early age.

Beginning in 3rd-grade students are given their own laptop and begin their formal education of technology with digital citizenship and learning G-Suite tools. In 4th grade, students learn to code using MIT’s Scratch program. 5th and 6th-grade students exercise their creative license by building anything they can dream up in Maker Lab. In 7th-grade students explore the world of multimedia and create podcasts, music, videos, and movies. In 8th-grade, students build robots and compete in intramural challenges.

Teachers capitalize on the tools students have access to and their knowledge of them by integrating technology into their lessons.

Technology Learning Objectives

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