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Hillel/Annual Fund

Annual Fund (aka Hillel Fund)

Every non-profit organization, like Hillel Academy, depends on its community, near and far, to ensure its mission continues into perpetuity. As such, every non-profit organizes an Annual Fund with the goal of closing the gap between income (tuition, fees, grants, allocations, etc…) and expenses. Our Annual Fund is called the Hillel Fund and any donation made to the school during any given year that is neither a capital or legacy gift is a gift to the Hillel Fund.

Every fiscal year, the Hillel Academy Board of Trustees sets a goal for the Hillel Fund and throughout the school year there are a variety of activities and events taking place to entice community members to participate by giving a financial gift to the school which is an important method of showing appreciation for Hillel Academy. Annually, the Board of Trustees kickstarts giving toward the Hillel Fund by ensuring 100% of the members give a meaningful gift.

Then, anyone connected to Hillel Academy in any way is asked to give a gift meaningful to him/her/them. For some, $18 (“chai,” “life”) or any multiple of it is meaningful. For others, the ability to give tens of thousands of dollars is what brings them joy to ensure the continued strength of Hillel Academy. For us, we are grateful for each and every donation, no matter its size, because it means you believe in the importance of accredited Jewish day school education continuing in the Tampa Bay area.


Under the Big Top

Annually, Hillel Academy hosts the Under the Big Top celebration. The proceeds from this gala and auction support the Hillel Fund. While this event is a fundraiser, more importantly, it is an annual event in honor of Hillel Academy and our community comes together to bid, dance, drink, and of course, eat (Hillel IS a Jewish organization… there is always food!). Under the Big Top typically takes place in March. Fun fact: The “Under the Big Top” name comes from the annual event that Hillel Academy would hold in which donors were entered into a lottery to win an actual “Under the Big Top!”

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