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Holiday Programs

Celebration and Prayer

Hillel’s faculty, staff, students, and parents frequently come together to celebrate Judaism’s rich history of holidays and festivals. Our Parent-Teacher Organization plays a critical role in planning in-school celebrations that help to bring our wonderful array of traditions to life. Additionally, students learn creative and fun ideas for home observances to help enhance their family celebration.

Prayer services are a regular component of the Hillel experience. Services are held every Monday and Thursday and are customized to cater to each of the school divisions. Primary students participate in fun songs and stories that emphasize the meaning of each prayer.

Our Intermediate students begin to learn the meanings of the prayers in greater detail and will also become comfortable leading prayer. Starting in fifth grade, our students begin work on their own siddur, or prayer book. At this time, they also start to chant from the Torah and learn trope, or the cantillation for Torah reading.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to join prayer services.

Israel Heritage and Pilgrimage

Israel holds a special place in all of the curriculum at Hillel Academy. Starting with the youngest ages, Israel’s foods, customs, culture, and history are woven into Hillel’s lesson plans. Students also use their Hebrew skills to connect with Israeli students and families. Our eighth graders dedicate an intensive social studies unit to modern Israeli history.

Our eighth graders also take a two-week trip to Israel during their final trimester. They visit historical sights and cities, and form a strong bond with Israeli culture. On the way back from Israel, groups often stop in a European city. Past stops have included Prague, Berlin, Budapest, and Barcelona.