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Torah Project

We are honored and excited to share that Murray and Sara Fisch and family have donated a Torah to Hillel Academy in memory of Murray’s father, Jerry Fisch. Due to this generous donation, Hillel Academy is providing the opportunity to fulfill the final mitzvah of the Torah, the 613th mitzvah, the writing of a Torah. This school year a sofer (scribe) will visit Hillel so that students, families, and community members may fulfill this commandment.

In addition to your donation to the Hillel Fund (Hillel Academy’s Annual Fund), please consider dedicating a letter, word, portion, or book of the Torah, Torah accoutrements, and/or a dedication stone of the Aron Hakodesh.

Torah Writing - Dedication Giving Levels

  • Any Letter - $36
  • Words - $72
  • Single Verses - $180
  • Special Verses & Stories - $360
  • Parasha/Portion - $,1800
  • Ark Dedication Stones - $1800
  • Yad/Torah Pointer - $3,600
  • Torah Rollers - $5,400
  • Torah Cover - $7,200
  • Book of the Torah - $10,000
  • Cornerstones for the Ark - $25,000

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