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Tuition & Fees

Hillel Academy is committed to keeping the school affordable for all families. In determining our annual tuition, we strive to strike a balance between keeping the rates affordable and also generating enough financial support to maintain our high academic and community standards.

Acceptance to the school is never based on financial ability, so we encourage all families who may have an interest in Hillel Academy to submit an application. We also offer a limited amount of financial assistance to students in K-8th grade. Applications for tuition assistance may be submitted after being accepted to Hillel Academy.

2019 - 2020 Tuition and Fees

Preschool Tuition

Primary Division Variable Tuition Ranges


1st Grade

2nd Grade

$4,164 - $12,875*

$5,565 - 16,875*

$5,565 - 16,875*

*Exit range tuition amount for parents who choose NOT to apply for Variable Tuition

Intermediate Division Variable Tuition Ranges (3rd - 5th Grades)

$5,565 - $17,325*

*Exit range tuition amount for parents who choose NOT to apply for Variable Tuition

Middle School Variable Tuition Ranges (6th - 8th Grades)

$5,915 - $18,325*

Variable Tuition FAQs

Think you can’t afford a Hillel education?

Think again. Hillel Academy proudly offers Variable Tuition. Tuition at Hillel is not a “one-size-fits all.” It’s a range that adjusts tuition rates to meet your family’s unique financial position.

General Information

What is Variable Tuition?

Hillel Academy is committed to providing affordable education to all families. Excellent Jewish education requires an investment, making private Jewish education difficult for many families. Hillel is committed to making private Jewish education accessible to everyone! The Variable Tuition program allows families to apply for a unique tuition that is right for their families’ financial situation. Thus, making a Hillel education affordable to many qualified students who could not otherwise join our school community.

How Does Variable Tuition Work?

Any family (current or new) of a kindergarten through eighth-grade student may apply for Variable Tuition if they are concerned about affording the full tuition rate at Hillel. Limited funding is available for preschool families. Many factors are considered when determining a families’ unique tuition, including income, assets, unusual expenses, and the size of the family. The resources available for the family in a given year must also be considered in light of the Variable Tuition awards available at Hillel.
It is not possible for a family or the school to estimate the tuition level for which a family qualifies without the completion of a Variable Tuition application. Applications are submitted directly to TADS, a third-party agency. TADS evaluates the application based on criteria set by the school and makes a recommendation to the school’s Variable Tuition committee. Families are notified of the tuition level for which they qualify from the school’s business office. Unfortunately, the school is not able to provide Variable Tuition to every deserving student. We work within the available resources to make the school accessible to as many students and families as possible.

Do I Need to Apply to Hillel to receive confirmation of my Variable Tuition Status?

Yes, you must submit an admissions application for your Variable Tuition application to be processed.

What is the Cost to Apply for Variable Tuition?

TADS charges a $49 processing fee for application. The application is per family, not per student.

FAQ for Prospective Families

Should every Hillel family submit a Variable Tuition application?

No. Only families who feel that they aren’t able to pay the exit range of Variable Tuition should put in an application.

Do I need to apply for admission separately from applying for Variable Tuition?

Yes. For students new to Hillel, application for admissions to Hillel and applications for Variable Tuition are two separate processes. However, new families can submit both applications simultaneously through TADS.

What kind of economic situation is typical of a family who qualifies for Variable Tuition?

A wide range of families with a variety of circumstances qualify for the program, from those who are able to pay close to exit range of Variable Tuition to those who are at the entry level of the range. Many factors are evaluated, including income, assets, unusual expenses, and the size of the family.

Are some families awarded full tuition?

No. Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Hillel’s commitment to providing Variable Tuition means that we are sharing in that investment with you.

Are all admitted students offered Variable Tuition if the family qualifies?

No. Unfortunately, the school does not have the ability to offer Variable Tuition to every student who qualifies for both admission and Variable Tuition. A student may be admitted to the school but placed on a waiting list for Variable Tuition. It is recommended that families apply for Variable Tuition as early as possible.


Supply Fees

Hillel includes a supply fee in the tuition cost for each grade. These fees cover all school supplies and field trips (other than middle school overnight trips). No back to school shopping is needed - Hillel has you covered!

Laptop Fees

Beginning in 3rd grade, a one-time laptop fee is also included in tuition. Each student is given access to their own personal computer, which is theirs to keep when they graduate.

Optional Fees

  • After School, Before Care, and Clubs
    Hillel offers after and before school care, and a variety of after school clubs throughout the year. This information will be sent to families upon the start of the new school year.
  • Parent Association (PA)
    Families are encouraged to make a donation to the PA which can be included in their contract. This fee covers teacher and staff birthdays, Chanukah gifts, and end of year gifts.
  • Lunch
    Hillel is excited to be able to offer lunch made fresh daily in our full Kosher kitchen. Lunch is offered to all students from Preschool-8th grade. Lunch can either be purchased up front for the year at $1000 per student, or on an as needed basis each month for $6 a meal. Lunch orders are taken each month through an online ordering system and parents have the ability to choose their desired meals.
  • Uniforms and Embroidery
    Hillel is a uniform school. Families have the choice to either order through Hillel’s online swag store, or purchase uniform tops to be embroidered at their choice of location.
  • Middle School Trips
    Our middle schoolers can participate in a variety of overnight trips throughout the year, including an 8th grade trip to Israel. We do offer Middle School savings plans beginning in Kindergarten.