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As Hillel Academy develops the young child into the leaders of tomorrow, we are committed to partnering with parents to ensure each student reaches their personal highest academic potential while instilling a love for Judaism and Israel in a safe, nurturing, and enjoyable community.

Utilizing a philosophy and strategies developmentally appropriate to particular age groups, Hillel Academy educates students in preschool, primary (K - 2), intermediate (3 - 5), and middle schools (6 - 8). Using the workshop method of teaching and learning, our teachers and students focus on a student’s individual abilities to grow.

Using objective standardized measures, Hillel Academy students consistently outperform peers in reading, writing, language, and mathematics. Students spiral through a social studies and science curriculum from primary through middle school ensuring skills in these disciplines are well honed for the transition into high school. In addition, students, from the earliest of age, participate in a dual language program (Hebrew) and add yet a third language in middle school (Spanish), expanding their brain’s capacity. Unique to Hillel Academy is the knowledge and skill attainment of Judaism while also celebrating and observing holidays and Israel throughout the year.

Hillel Academy also prides itself on the development of creative and physically fit students. Our students participate in art and music classes, computer coding, MakerLab, robotics, and physical education. As part of the West Coast League, the majority of our middle school students also play sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, flag football) for our Hillel Heat. Most importantly, knowing that fresh air and moving bodies promotes better learning, our students have one to two recesses a day.

Supporting our individualized academics in general, Jewish, and Hebrew studies, we focus on character development in our Culture of Chesed (kindness). Students explicitly learn about Jewish values such as kindness, righteousness, charity, truth, love, respect, honor, community, peace, and making the world a better place. We expect our students, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors to treat others with compassion and kindness as we foster a strong and supportive community.

Extending beyond our walls, students leave their mark in our community by participating in a variety of social action activities either to complete hours needed by our own National Junior Honor Society chapter or as a commitment to our community. Hillel students have worked with a number of charitable organizations such as Tampa Urban Benefit (TUB) Farms, Emmi Grace’s Angels, The Joshua House, Feeding Tampa Bay, and Jewish Family Services.

Preparing our students for the technological world in which they live is of extraordinary importance to us at Hillel Academy. Students use laptops and iPads sparingly in primary school and increase their use as they matriculate. In 4th grade students are given their own laptop and begin their formal education of technology with digital citizenship and learning the ins and outs of G-Suite. In 5th grade, our students learn to code. In 6th and 7th grade, students exercise their creative license by building anything they dream of in our Maker Lab. And, in 8th grade, our students build robots and compete in a variety of challenges. Teachers capitalize on the tools students have access to and their knowledge of them by integrating technology into their lessons.

With a Hillel Academy education, your child will create his or her own path into the future with a strong, personal, Jewish identity guiding him or her along the way.

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