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Hillel Academy Tampa Middle School

Hillel Academy’s Middle School is home to our 6th through 8th grades. Learning is individualized and paced appropriately so that each and every child maximizes their academic potential.

At Hillel Academy, we view middle school as an important bridge between elementary and high schools where students are still kids, but well on their way to being young adults. We believe we have a responsibility to work with parents to support our students while slowly shifting responsibility to the student so they graduate with the independence and responsibility needed to succeed in high school.

Middle School studies revolve around six core subject areas

  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Hebrew
  • Jewish Studies

In addition, students, starting in 7th grade, may optionally begin to take Spanish and will complete Spanish I by the end of 8th grade. Some students may also complete Spanish II and may also choose to study another language in our language lab.

In 6th grade, we support students in making a successful transition to middle school by students:

  • taking a weekly time management and study skills class;
  • working with an advisor who helps them manage their assignments, grades, and how to advocate for themselves in finding solutions to challenges;
  • having 2-3 study halls a week scheduled at the same time that general studies teachers are planning so students can seek assistance.

Complementary subjects like the technological sciences where kids exercise their creativity in MakerLab and robotics, fine arts, and physical education are also important in Middle School. Students in Middle School also have the opportunity -- and are encouraged -- to participate on Hillel’s athletic teams as we are members of the Florida West Coast League.

In Hillel Academy Middle School, we focus our teachings to go beyond the academic material and to provide students with tools they can use for the rest of their academic careers. We create an environment that allows them to grow cognitively and socially, giving them a solid foundation for future development. We also emphasize the ability to think for one’s self, to infer meaning, to solve problems independently, and to have confidence in one’s own abilities.

Our Middle School students are consistently accepted into the finest high school programs in the area. To learn more about Hillel’s Middle School, schedule a campus visit today.

Extraordinary Experiential Learning

Middle School students travel into the world about which they learn. These extraordinary field trips not only build knowledge and skills, but they provide opportunities for Hillel Academy students to deepen their social relationships and enrich their emotional health by exercising empathy.

Sixth grade students camp at Pigeon Key studying marine biology.

Seventh grade students travel to Washington D.C. to complement their civic learning.

Eighth grade students, our soon to be graduates, embark upon a life-changing excursion to Israel.

Our entire middle school starts every school year with a bonding camping retreat.