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Our Intermediate School is housed in its own building on the Hillel campus and is home to grades 2 through 5. At the Intermediate level, our students are generally taught above traditional grade level standards and are encouraged to maximize their academic potential.

Subjects in the Intermediate School include

  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Fine arts
  • Computer science
  • Physical education
  • Library studies
  • Jewish studies

Hillel Academy Tampa Intermediate

At this level, a strong focus is placed on reading and writing skills, as well as mathematical and analytical abilities. Our science and social studies classes are taught with an emphasis on Project Based Learning, featuring hands-on assignments, research projects, and lab work. Many projects also integrate topics from the arts and technology to form a holistic learning experience.

Hillel’s Intermediate School students spend two class periods each day on Jewish studies. One period is dedicated to Hebrew, while the other is focused on Jewish culture. These classes may also incorporate subject matter from language arts, math, and social studies.

At the completion of fifth grade, Hillel’s Intermediate students are prepared to enter the rigorous Middle School program. Our students leave Intermediate school with a strong grasp of pre-algebra and introductory geometry and also understand the complexities of literature on a high level.

To learn more about the Intermediate School, please schedule a campus visit. You can tour the Intermediate building and also get a copy of sample curriculum to review.