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Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Hebrew and Judaic Studies

Our Jewish education program is designed to give children the skills to live their lives as knowledgeable and capable Jews with a personal Jewish identity.

Hillel Academy uses the well researched-based curriculum, Tal Am. Tal Am is a spiraled program that adds layers of knowledge and skills as each year progresses and passes.


Using the Tal Am curriculum, Hillel Academy is committed to teaching Modern Hebrew, a language that is living and used the world over for Jews to communicate. We enhance our instruction in Modern Hebrew with children having total familiarity with the siddur (prayer book) and exposure to Rabbinic and Biblical texts.

Letter and word recognition begin during the early years with most students reading Hebrew by the end of the first grade year. Our 3rd - 5th grade students concentrate on the basics of grammar, building vocabulary and writing skills. As students reach middle school oral language usage, in-depth writing and reading, word-processing and upper level grammar skills are attained.

Beyond primary school (Preschool through 2nd grade), our program is leveled by “beginner,” “intermediate,” and “advanced” designations in order for students to develop the language at an individual pace and to accommodate students new to Hebrew or from Israel.

Jewish Studies

Beyond the Tal Am text, the Jewish studies component of our school program is approached experientially and via creative and critical thought. Students celebrate and observe the Jewish and newer Israeli holidays and traditions of our ancestors by understanding, creating, observing, singing, praying, studying, eating, and/or dancing symbols, customs, foods, songs, liturgy, text, etc… Our middle school students deep dive into specific Jewish content such as Torah Trop and prayer leadership in preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the history of Jews in America, the history of the Holocaust, Talmud, etc...

Our Jewish studies program strives to give the children knowledge and skills upon which to base their future personal Jewish identity. And, as a community school that welcomes all members of our community we encourage students to think about their place in the world and the importance of maintaining their connection to the Jewish community.